DropZap 2

DropZap 2 3.3

Zap shapes to get points


  • Nice graphics and backgrounds
  • Comprehensive tutorial
  • Listen to music library during play
  • Connect with other players


  • Game can be confusing to learn
  • Registration required


DropZap 2 is an game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that requires you to shrink shapes in order to score points and move up levels.

Reminiscent of games like Tetris, DropZap 2 utilizes a basic puzzle game concept: don't let your rows hit the ceiling of the game space or the game ends and you have to start over. Unlike Tetris, however, DropZap 2's objective is to shrink the shapes on the playing board until they disappear entirely. You do this by placing the shapes you're given on a rotational basis onto the row whose shapes you want to shrink the most. If the shape is already at its smallest size, it will disappear and the other shapes will drop accordingly.

Every time you hit the required amount of points, you can move up a level in DropZap 2. Doing this essentially allows you to upgrade to a new background. DropZap 2 has one and two player options, as well as multiple difficulty levels to choose from.

Unfortunately, the fact that the game might initially look similar to Tetris is actually a downside in some respects, because it serves to confuse users who are just learning the basics of gameplay. The best way to learn DropZap 2 is just to fiddle around with it a little though. Once you understand the way it works, it can get addicting pretty quickly.

If you want a fun, new alternative puzzle game for your mobile device, DropZap 2 is worth a download.

DropZap 2


DropZap 2 3.3

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